Mike Gordon of Phish touring with H90 & H9000 - Eventide Audio

Mike Gordon of Phish touring with H90 & H9000

This week, we’re excited to feature Mike Gordon, bassist for the legendary band Phish. We recently caught up with him during Phish’s New Year’s Run, which was an awesome experience! Gordon has been a long-time Eventide user and has had an H9000 in his rig for a few years. Now that he’s incorporated an H90 in his rig, he has been able to recreate some of the sounds from the H9000 in a compact bass-friendly format. From lush reverbs to pitch shifted delays, the Eventide sound was gloriously present when we witnessed Phish’s spectacular show at Madison Square Garden. Check out the video below where Mike walks us through some of his favorite sounds and presets from the H9000 & H90 Harmonizer®.

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