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Newfangled Audio Generate v1.2 Update

Newfangled Audio’s flagship polyphonic synthesizer—Generate—is getting its first major update after already making huge impressions with musicians, beatmakers, and sound designers alike since its release in September 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-FnJF3EeaY Giving users the…

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Modern Music Tips | The Instant Flanger

Modern Music Tips is a series that examines practical and creative ways to use effects processing in contemporary music productions. Spreading The Sound Around: Create Vivid Sonic Imagery with Flanging If you’ve…

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Explore Our 50th Flashback Series

Flashback #7.3: H949 Pt. 3
We continue the tale of the H949 Harmonizer by sharing stories from some its most devoted users and the classic albums it has appeared on.
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