Omnipressor® 2830Au - Eventide Audio Dynamic Effectss Processor

Your Omnipressor Loves You…

Introduced in the early 1970s, the Omnipressor was the first dynamics effects processor of any kind, suddenly making possible a new, wide range of dynamics effects unlike anything that had come before it.

And Wants To Be Your Friend!

Originally invented by Eventide’s founder, Richard Factor (and later redesigned for production by Jon Paul), the Omnipressor made a host of effects possible. It featured variable control of all aspects of dynamic modification. It also introduced the notion of the ‘side chain’ and foretold techniques that today we take for granted like ‘look ahead’ processing. One of our first customers was a young Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. With the Omnipressor in his rig, his sound was never the same.

Eventide Omnipressor Reissue Back Panel
Omnipressor® 2830 Au 50th Anniversary Reissue
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Omnipressor® 2830 Au 50th Anniversary Reissue
Omnipressor® 2830 Au 50th Anniversary Reissue
Introducing the golden anniversary Omnipressor® Model 2830*Au, a faithful recreation of the iconic compressor
Learn more about the Omnipressor® 2830 Au Reissue, and how it compares to the faithful plug-in emulation
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“The Omnipressor goes so far above and beyond your standard compressor, that I’m now able to be creative with how compression can really enhance tracks and mixes. It’s a go to unit for me on just about everything.”
Saul Zonana
Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Engineer


  • Dynamics Processing — capable of creating otherworldly sounds
  • Dynamic Reversal — the first of its kind, soft signals come out loud and loud signals come out quiet, simulating tape reversal, a near unique attribute of this versatile compressor
  • Function Control — sets a ratio over a continuous range allowing extreme expansion, to infinite compression, and is even able to push further into dynamic reversal
  • Variable Control of attack and release time
  • Variable Control of maximum gain and maximum attenuation
  • Gating — amplitudes of signals that fall below a set threshold are ‘squooshed’
  • Expansion — widen a signal’s dynamic range, louder gets louder, softer gets softer
  • Compression offers variable control of compression ratio
  • Infinite Compression — if you want everything to come out at the same level, this is the feature for you
  • Limiting — a fast, versatile limiter, useful for maintaining a loud sound
  • Intuitive Interface — clean and easy to operate

Original Data Sheet from 1974 illustrating some of the “unusual” capabilities of the Omnipressor.

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Highly recommend.

This is the plug-in that’s going to take your programmed drum sounds and randomize them… I really highly recommend this plug-in.

Warren Huart
Produce Like a Pro

Aggressive and shouty.

Omnipressor is a compressor and expander/gate dynamics plug-in that goes about the business of compression in a very aggressive and shouty way. If you are looking for a subtle transparent compression then look somewhere else, if you want a compressor with bags of pump, depth and character then look no further.

Dan Cooper
Pro Tools Expert

Seductively versatile.

[Omnipressor] is the most twisted, aggressive, nasty, and yes, seductively versatile dynamics control device I’ve used…The Bass Cut switch is way cool for kick drum fans, as it attenuates bass frequencies going to the compression control circuit.

Craig Anderton
Harmony Central


Physical Connections

XLR and 1/4″ Line In

XLR and 1/4″ Line Out

XLR and 1/4″ Side Chain In

XLR and 1/4″ Side Chain Out

1/4″ Link In

1/4″ Link Out


Inches: 3.5h x 19w x 8.9d
Metric: 8.9h x 48.3w x 31.7d


14 pounds (6.4kg) net

What’s in the box

  • Omnipressor
  • US-type IEC power cord
  • Omnipressor poster
  • Omnipressor manual
  • Eventide sticker
  • Eventide guitar pick